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Service Areas

Corporate / Comercial

Provide legal advisory services to companies, namely in the follow-up of the creation, acquisition of companies or mergers of companies, in the practice of corporate acts, in carrying out legal audits and in the execution of a multidisciplinary monitoring service for small and medium-sized companies with a view to optimization of the company's legal situation.

Real Eestate

Provide legal advisory services in real estate operations, including buying and selling, leasing, preventive auditing in purchasing operations, assistance in real estate management and performing acts necessary for the efficient legal management of clients' real estate.

Litigation / Dispute Resolution

Provide litigation services focused on judicial dispute resolution in different areas such as civil, commercial or tax.

Consumer Law

Provide legal advisory services in the area of consumer law, performing internal legal assistance to companies through the drafting of contracts, monitoring of judicial or administrative litigation and the implementation of compliance measures to the customer.

Immigration / Golden Visa / Non-habitual Resident

Provide personalized legal advice to clients wishing to benefit from the special residence regime in Portugal as part of the exercise of investment activities or under the special tax regime of non-habitual resident for tax reasons.

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